Day 6 & 7 Prototyping and Cost Analysis

Today, we tried out a few different face shield designs to to finalize what we were going to print for the rest of the face shields. The winning design was the Manta Ray V5 design. This design allows us to make 32 faceshields in 24 hours. We also did some cost analytics to show you the cost breakdown for our face shields.

16 stack MantaRay for 11 hours = 32 faceshiled for 24 hours with mantaray draft print. Quality is not that great, many string effect. And only 3 holes (easy to punch but might fall out).

10 3Dvertstan V5 design for < 10 hours (with 110% speed) = 20 faceshield for 24 hours

3DVerkstan,10x stack

Decision with Cost Estimate

Decision with Cost Estimate
Final Cost: 20g / face shield frame (NIH approved 3DVerkstan; $30 PLA for 1000g = 1000g/20 ~ 50 face shield per loop; 30/50=$0.6

We found the PETG is easier to break apart from the stack than PLA. So we are making most of the face shield with PETG.

Clear PVC Cover $0.25 or transparency for $0.60
Rubber band $0.1 or paracord $0.50
Surplus costs also include failed prototypes, broken masks, sample masks, testing & electricity.
Total per face shield is around $1.50 to $2.00 (Success) !👍

Different Prototype

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