4/21 update: GoFundMe & Volunteer Now

Our GofundMe went live last night. There were many donations that came through the site from friends and family, and those in our community who are also worried for the hospitals. We are very happy for all the support that has been given to us to make these face shields. Also, some teenagers are requestedContinue reading “4/21 update: GoFundMe & Volunteer Now”

Day 6 & 7 Prototyping and Cost Analysis

Today, we tried out a few different face shield designs to to finalize what we were going to print for the rest of the face shields. The winning design was the Manta Ray V5 design. This design allows us to make 32 faceshields in 24 hours. We also did some cost analytics to show youContinue reading “Day 6 & 7 Prototyping and Cost Analysis”

Day 4 & 5: Stable Print and Try Different Design and Pattern

On day 4, with Mr. Stevenson’s help, we finally got the printer to work! On day 4, we printed out our first face shield prototype, the Prusa RC3. It took 3 hours to print, and we needed to assemble it and tie knots at the end of it. So on day 5, we moved ontoContinue reading “Day 4 & 5: Stable Print and Try Different Design and Pattern”